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Oil Paint & Play  ~ Paint Along with me!

In this series of 6 online oil painting tutorials I will share my process, tips & tricks, colour mixing, brush techniques and much more!  These videos will show you how I create my impressionistic landscapes from start to finish in real-time (no sped up timelapses here), so you can follow along side me (virtually) each step of the way.  In this series I focus on small scale landscapes using oil paint. Painting small is great for learning and experimenting.  Each oil tutorial video is approximately 45-60 minutes long.  These are pre-recorded videos that you'll be able to watch via links emailed to you, watch whenever you like, as many times as you want with the freedom to start/pause/stop as it fits your schedule.  


These tutorials do not expire, so there's no need to rush, you can click the links anytime you want to watch them whether that's today, or 3 years from now.

** Painters Guide **
Also included with my online tutorials is my comprehensive Painters Guide. This is a pdf filled to the brim with valuable information including; links to my favourite supplies, colour wheels, mixing guides, tips and reference photos to fuel your artistic exploration! Here's more info on what's in my Painters Guide...

1. Supply List
Dive into my secret stash of art supply wonders. I've hunted down the best places to find them, and I've even linked some of my all-time favorites for your convenience.

2. Colour Wheel Fun
Ever tried your hand at a color wheel? Inside, you'll find one with colours and a blank canvas for your creative genius. Fill it in with the paints you'll be using. It's not just practice; it's an absolute blast! Plus, I've included a step-by-step guide to get you rolling.

3. Mix It Up
Next up, we've got a Colour Mixing Guide. You'll discover one with colours and another ready for your magic touch. I highly recommend diving into this one – it's a superb practice that never gets old. Even after all these years, I'm still amazed by it. Plus, I've sprinkled in some pro tips to make your colour mixing journey even more awesome.


Got supplies? 

If not check out my Oil Paint Kit here. Our Acrylic & Oil Paint kits are made specifically to pair with these tutorials and include all the supplies and materials (paint, canvas, brushes, etc...) Plus a print out of my handy dandy Painters Guide that will help you follow along. No stress or confusion required at the art store!


Happy Painting!

Oil Painting Tutorials

  • You will receive 2 emails immediately after purchasing

    1. An email confirming your purchase with a link to download Kerry's Painters Guide (a pdf full of helpful information). 
    2. A second email will be sent with all the links to access the tutorial videos
    • These tutorials do not expire, so there's no need to rush, you can click the links anytime you want to watch them whether that's today, or 3 years from now.
    • Please reach out to if you need any assitance at all!
    • We have a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee policy.  If for any reason the tutorials didn't work out for you please contact us and we can provide a full refund.

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